Empower the less fortunate

Our Mission:


                         Empower the less fortunate. Join us in helping those in need.


Our Mission

CoExistCoin's mission is to help empower the less fortunate. Using blockchain technology to show 100% transparency everyone can see when we use donated funds and where it goes to. 

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About us

CoExistCoin is changing the way charity organizations operate.  Anyone can see when we use donated funds and where it is going by implementing blockchain technology to the process.


Many charity organizations keep a high percentage of peoples donations for day to day operations instead of the advertized intended purposes.

The use of Blockchain provides us with a way to document transactions that can never be changed or altered in order to give a false impression. Every donation going into a charity campaign as well as when its used is recorded on the CoExistCoin blockchain. This can be publicly observed by anyone giving people the power to choose where they choose to donate to.


Our Campaigns

The following are the current CoExistCoin campaigns. The corresponding address is that campaigns wallet. All charitable donations will go into these wallets. You can follow all transactions corresponding with each charity. Keep track of the what's passionate to you.


Clean drinking and sanitation water crusade

CoExistCoin's obsession since its start in 2015  is to bring clean drinking and sanitation water to those in need of it. Today 1 in 10 people worldwide lack access to toilet. We can change this. Let's all work together to make the power of clean water available to all. Donate to this specific campaign and keep track of it with the corresponding wallet and charity in action page.


Listie's adopt a village

Listie’s adopt a village is inspired by the works of CoExistCoin's oldest tenured community member and first believer in the vision of CoExistCoin. In his life he has been nothing but giving and caring. He has traveled to far reached of the globe and helped villages progress forward with needs like accessible roads and means of transportation. Listie has helped villages erect and start up schools amongst many other wonderful and selflessness deeds. He is indeed an inspiration for all. For as little as 15K per village we can help transform and help thousands of lives per year.

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Computer classes

CoExistCoin is currently researching and assessing the logistics of the current situation. Our goal in this is to start computer classes in developing communities that have schooling in place. This CoExistCoin exclusive campaign will supply all equipment, hire teachers including room and board.

The mission is to teach the up and coming youth with coding skills in website design, blockchain tech and mobile app writing. This will empower these individuals with skills that can be used anywhere in the world.


CoExistCoin blockchain development

Blockchain technology and its uses is in its infancy. CoExistCoin is always upgrading and looking for ways to implement blockchain technology so that everyone has the tools to give their money POWER.

A long term vision and goal is to set up a CoExistCoin own blockchain once again.  Currently CoExistCoin is on the Waves asset. It is perfectly fine for our current needs now. We are putting together a team to create and set up a network where transaction fees goes to charity. Imagine millions of daily transfer fees going to charity. We are looking at potentially 100’s of millions of dollars going to those in need world wide. Using CoExistCoin for everyday use would mean that you are helping people in need without even thinking or trying. Adding smart contracts or protocols would provide instant action on certain charity campaigns if the service was necessary all while watching these transactions in real time. One can just imagine what other features could be implemented on a blockchain currency that is solely made to help the world instead of individuals, corporations and governments.


SPotlighted campaign

Coming soon.....

Community driven charity campaign. This space is reserved for what the community chooses.


Get Involved

CoExistCoin is run by volunteers only. We all have a part and duty to help those in need if we can. There are multiple way in which you can help. 


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